Recipes - Marvel Legends Golden Age The Crusaders Two Packs

Marvel Legends Golden Age The Crusaders Two Packs

Created by CRobTheCreator ([email protected]).
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Tommy Lightning:

Spiderman Classics Black Costume Spiderman with craft foam and DCUC Kamandi Head

Captain Wings:

ML Face Off Punisher body, DCUC Dr. Midnite head, Sculpey, fodder wings, ML Union Jack knife, and ML Skull hands and feet.


DCUC Kamandi torso, DCUC Black Lantern Lower body, craft foam, and ML Ultimate Steve Rogers head.

The Spirit of '76:

DCUC Captain Cold upper torso, DCUC plain lower body, DCUC Superman cape, craft foam, and ML Steve Rogers’s head.


Spiderman Classics Juggernaut head, craft foam, 1:12 Dr. Manhattan fists, and WWE RA torso and WWE DA lower body.


ML Wasp body with Psylocke arms, ML X-23 hair, craft foam, and ML wasp head