Day Three - CustomCon 31

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Day Three of Three!

New Avengers

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New Avengers

In honor of the Avengers movie Marvel is releasing the next wave of Marvel Legends based on characters as they appear in the New Avengers comic. The line features painting and sculpting by Andy Rallis of Aragorn Studios.

Recipes - New Avengers

New Avengers

Created by Aragorn Studios


Iron Fist: Repaint; head sash cut from Loki

Bucky Cap: DCU base; Cap shield painted in metallic; stars on uniform decoupaged

Tim Burton's: The Batman Minimates

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Tim Burton's: The Batman Minimates

New from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum, DC Minimate's make their glorious return, starting with a line inspired by Tim Burtons: Batman films! Based both on the actual films and designs inspired by Tim Burtons style, you will experience the Batman films like never before! Collect characters that were never seen on the silver screen, such as: Bane, Mr Freeze, and many more! This is only the beginning of a great new era of DC Minimates!

Inspired by the hit film series, Scarecrow makes his debut in Minimate form! Find out Batmans greatest fear with your own James Woods Scarecrow. Former psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, Doctor Jonathan Crane became obsessed with the concept in manipulating his patient's fears. Crane created a gas that could help him bring the fears of others to life and he used the inmates of the asylum to run his experiments on. Crane donned the name Scarecrow to bring fear into anyone who faced him, he now runs the asylum through fear and plans to take Gotham next.

Inspired by the hit film series, Bane makes his return to Minimate form! Break the Batman with your own Bane. Born and raised in prison, Bane learned at a young age that only the strongest survive. Bane grew a hatred for abusive authority when he was experimented on with a new steroid drug called Venom. The drug enhanced Bane's strength to super human levels, he grabbed the remaining supply and broke out of confinement. Bane heads to Gotham in search of the monster he heard of while in prison, his quest is to destroy this monster known as, The Batman.

Inspired by the hit film series, Clayface makes his return to Minimate form! Preform attacks on Gotham and The Batman with your own Clayface. Basil Karlo is a former actor who was driven mad when he discovered the horror movie he had starred in was being remade without him reprising his role. Karlo donned the costume and name of the movies villain: The Clayface Killer, and began a killing spree on the cast and crew of the film. After he is thwarted by Batman, Basil throws himself into a vat of a new untested compound, turning him to a creature seemingly made out of clay, he know works as an enforcer for any crime boss who pays high enough.

Recipes - Tim Burton's: The Batman Minimates

Tim Burton's: The Batman Minimates

Created by Julian Martinez ([email protected]).


Clayface: Various Minimate parts, all painted

Clayface Variant: Various Minimate parts, modded hands, sand base, and head cover, all painted

Scarecrow: Various Minimate parts with modded sleeves, skirt, collar and Captain America shield modded into hat, all painted

Bane: Various Minimate parts with modded helmet, slip over chest/harness, hands and feet, all painted

Marvel Legends Golden Age The Crusaders Two Packs

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Marvel Legends Golden Age The Crusaders Two Packs

Tommy Lightning and Captain Wings Two Pack

Dyna-mite and The Spirit of '76 Two Pack

Thunderfist and Ghostgirl Two Pack

Recipes - Marvel Legends Golden Age The Crusaders Two Packs

Marvel Legends Golden Age The Crusaders Two Packs

Created by CRobTheCreator ([email protected]).
Web site:


Tommy Lightning:

Spiderman Classics Black Costume Spiderman with craft foam and DCUC Kamandi Head

Captain Wings:

ML Face Off Punisher body, DCUC Dr. Midnite head, Sculpey, fodder wings, ML Union Jack knife, and ML Skull hands and feet.


DCUC Kamandi torso, DCUC Black Lantern Lower body, craft foam, and ML Ultimate Steve Rogers head.

The Spirit of '76:

DCUC Captain Cold upper torso, DCUC plain lower body, DCUC Superman cape, craft foam, and ML Steve Rogers’s head.


Spiderman Classics Juggernaut head, craft foam, 1:12 Dr. Manhattan fists, and WWE RA torso and WWE DA lower body.


ML Wasp body with Psylocke arms, ML X-23 hair, craft foam, and ML wasp head

Being Human - Wave Three

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BBC's Being Human – Wave Three

Following the success of Waves One and Two (which debuted at CC27 and CC29 respectively, dMan Studios is proud to present the latest wave, based on the third series of the hit BBC supernatural comedy-drama, delving further into the world of three twenty-something housemates, who happen to be a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf...


Anthony Michael McNair is a werewolf and self-appointed vampire hunter. Fifteen years ago, vampires abducted him and forced him to cage fight with a werewolf. Although McNair won, he was turned in the process, and has since dedicated himself to a life as a nomadic vampire killer, and lives in a camper van with his adolescent son, Thomas. McNair comes complete with a cage-fight stand.


Tom is the son of McNair, and travels with him in his hunt for vampires, and to join the fabled ‘pack'. When he encounters more werewolves in the form of George and Nina, Tom comes to discover that not everything McNair has told him was true. Tom comes complete with a camping camper van stand.


Sasha is a foul-mouthed, drunken and visibly deteriorating "Type Four" - a zombie, the first such being sighted in the Being Human universe. Initially displaying ignorance of her true condition or the circumstances of what had happened to her, she later admits that she was actually fully aware of what happened to her and was simply denying the truth, and that she could feel herself rotting. She comes complete with a nightclub stand.


Adam Jacobs is a vampire, turned at the age of 16 and thus, despite being 46, is stuck as a teenager, with all the emotional maturity that this entails! When he encounters George and Nina in the hospital where his father is dying, he joins up with the group in an attempt to control his vampirism – and his raging hormones. He comes complete with a father-in-hospital-bed base.

Edgar Wyndham

Edgar Wyndham is one of the Old Ones, a caste of revered vampire elders who command the obedience of other vampires. He declares himself to be about 1,000 years old, and first appears posing as a senior police officer while he sorts out the problems caused by Mitchell's arrest that threatened to put at risk vampire plans for the world. He comes complete with a filing cabinet/office stand.

Recipes - Being Human - Wave Three

BBC's Being Human – Wave Three

Created by Damien Passmore aka dMan ([email protected]).


McNair: Movie Prof. X head, 'Grave' Spike torso and legs, Vampire Spike coat. Original Agent Smith arms. And some sculpy.

Tom: Movie Peter Parker head, 'Beneath You' Spike torso and arms, UK Gladiator legs, Little Nicky feet, misc hands. And some sculpy.

Sasha: Blue dress Sidney Bristow with Vanessa Kensington head. And some sculpy.

Adam: Frodo head, S3 Fred torso, Scott Evil arms, Oz legs. And some sculpy.

Wyndham: 'Bad Girls' Wesley with Mattel Snape head and Capt. Jack ears. And some sculpy.

80's Action Figures as Minimates

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80's Action Figures as Minimates

Luke's Toy Store announced an exclusive series of Minimates based on action figures of the 1980's. These Minimates were inspired by the classic figures themselves, and not from the characters in their respective media. This series includes Crystar from The Saga of Crystar, Auger and Granok from Inhumanoids, Ggripptogg from Power Lords, and Kung Fu Training Chuck Norris and Super Ninja from Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos. At the Luke's Toy Store booth, Luke handed out questionnaires asking collectors which of these 6 figures they had as a child, and which other classic figures they would like to see as Minimates.

Recipes - 80's Action Figures as Minimates

80's Action Figures as Minimates

Created by Luke Porter ([email protected]).
Web site:


Crystar: Repainted basic minimate body, stickers for face, chest, back, shins, thighs, and shield, and a repainted sword from Frodo.

Auger: Repainted basic minimate body, stickers for helmet, chest, and back, horns cut from Brickarms missles, drill from Klaw.

Granok: Repainted Thing body, stickers for face and top of head.

Ggripptogg: Repainted Minimate body with arms modified to include two forearms, stickers for faces, chest, and thighs.

Kung Fu Training Chuck Norris: Repainted basic minimate body, stickers for face, chest, back, and shins, and hair and hands from Ryu.

Super Ninja: Repainted basic minimate body, lego sword, stickers for face, chest, back, and shins, and hair from Atlantean Soldier.

Marvel Legends: Soldiers and Scientists

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Marvel Legends: Soldiers and Scientists

This wave brings to the fans everything they've been asking for: X-Force, AIM, mutants and androids. Collect all five figures (including AIM variants) and build your very own Build-a-Figure: Awesome Android.

X-Force Wolverine gives us a new, comic-accurate version of Wolverine that the fans been waiting for. Logan comes in his black and silver X-Force costume and is packaged with the left leg of Awesome Android.

Match is a student at Wolverine's Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters. He has never officially been a member of the New X-Men, but he's shared in many of their adventures. He has a light-up feature and comes with the torso of Awesome Android.

X-Force Deathlok shows everyone's favourite robot assassin zombie in his current Uncanny X-Force outfit. He comes with the right leg of Awesome Android.

Maverick is the Weapon X team mate of Wolverine. Shown here in his classic 90's costume designed by Jim Lee. Maverick comes with the arms of Awesome Android.

Everyone loves army building, and the A.I.M. Scientists give you the perfect chance to do just that! There are FIVE variations of the classic AIM Scientists, featuring backpacks and various guns. Collect them all! The AIM Scientist comes with the head of Awesome Android.

Awesome Android (AKA Awesome Andy) was build by the Mad Thinker in the comics, but he can now be built by you! Collect all the pieces to build this hulking android.

Recipes - Marvel Legends: Soldiers and Scientists

Marvel Legends: Soldiers and Scientists

Created by Calbretto


X-Force Wolverine
Body & feet: Rulk Wave Wolvie
legs: AoA Weapon X

Recipe: movie Human Torch

X-Force Deathlok
Body: Deathlok
Legs: Legendary Comic Book Heroes Patriot

Body: Titanium Man
Head: 2pack Ultimate Captain America
Right hand: 2pack Forge
Belt: Legendary Comic Book Heroes Patriot
other elements taken from movie Punisher, Pyro, Forge and other random figures

A.I.M. Scientists
Body: Pyro
Helmet: lid from a glue stick

Awesome Android
Body: 1st appearance Hulk
Head: white art gum erasers