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Wave Nine was released almost unexpectedly. Having shown up with no advance fanfare from Toy Biz, Wave Nine is another total repaint assortment much like Wave Seven was, but this time it has a loose theme. Named "Techno Wars" by Toy Biz, the figures utilize the bodies of the cancelled Iron Man line series 5, with a mix-and-match of various heads. The line-up consist of:

Hyper-Tech Spider-Man (old figure, new stilts)
Vault Guardsman (Lava Armor Iron Man)
Radiation Suit Spider-Man (Radiation Armor Iron Man)
Ultimate Dr. Octopus (Wave 1 figure repainted green and gold with new accessories)
Anti-Symbiote Spider-Man (has container with symbiote)

The sad thing about this wave is that at least the similar X-Men Mutant Armor assortment had two new head sculpts. ToyBiz saved money with repaints, but at a minimum the Vault Guardsman head could've been resculpted.


The Vault

Radiation Suit

Ultimate Octopus


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